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Review into workplace bullying announced | May 28, 2012

On Saturday May 26, the Prime Minister, The Hon Julia Gillard, announced a parliamentary review into the issue of workplace bullying.

Extensive public consultation is expected, and the review is intended to complement other activities in the area, such as the development of a National Code of Practice on workplace bullying, which is being developed by Safe Work Australia.

The  review will focus on the following areas:

  1. the prevalence of workplace bullying in Australia and the experience of victims of workplace bullying;
  2. the role of workplace cultures in preventing and responding to bullying and the capacity for workplace-based policies and procedures to influence the incidence and seriousness of workplace bullying;
  3. the adequacy of existing education and support services to prevent and respond to workplace bullying and whether there are further opportunities to raise awareness of workplace bullying such as community forums;
  4. whether the scope to improve coordination between governments, regulators, health service providers and other stakeholders to address and prevent workplace bullying;
  5. whether there are regulatory, administrative or cross-jurisdictional and international legal and policy gaps that should be addressed in the interests of enhancing protection against and providing an early response to workplace bullying, including through appropriate complaint mechanisms;
  6. whether the existing regulatory frameworks provide a sufficient deterrent against workplace bullying;
  7. the most appropriate ways of ensuring bullying culture or behaviours are not transferred from one workplace to another; and
  8. possible improvements to the national evidence base on workplace bullying.

This is a real step forward. It demonstrates that this important workplace hazard is firmly on the national agenda.

I will try to provide more information on the review, any papers released, and how to make submissions, as soon as the information is available. The time line for responses is likely to be soon, with the review committee set to report by the end of November.


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